Zscaler help


My security dept. want to implement Zscaler on our Mac's to secure the VPN tunneling. So I have the workflow to install it but now they are coming back wanting me to disable IP V6 on the Mac's. I checked with Apple and Apple says that not a good idea. So my question to all the Zscaler users out here:
Are you seeing issues with V6 and Zscaler or do we have something messed up?

Thanks for your help in advance.



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2 months after your initial post: Yes, we are trying to get Zscaler configured and working properly. Installation is no problem, but we encountered other routing issues and getting some info from Zscaler that we need to disable IPv6. We did a few tests, but it did not solve our problem. I am inclined to follow the vendor (Apple) recommendation.
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Yeah we have it installed we set IPV6 to link local and we poked so many holes in the policies to get Adobe and our developers up and running, I question it's worth.