Coming soon to Jamf Protect: Network Threat Prevention

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Contributor II
Today, Jamf announced a new set of endpoint protection capabilities that are coming soon for commercial Jamf Protect customers. Network Threat Prevention will dramatically expand Jamf Protect’s ability to secure Macs in the enterprise without compromising the end user experience. 
This new layer of security is achieved using MI:RIAM, Jamf’s advanced machine learning and threat intelligence engine, which blocks zero-day phishing attacks, cryptojacking, and risky or malicious domains in real time before devices are impacted. Admins will also be able to block access to risky or inappropriate websites on protected Macs. 
These new capabilities join Jamf Protect’s industry-leading protections against both known and novel threats on macOS to provide the most comprehensive Apple-focused endpoint security solution available today. 
Existing commercial Jamf Protect customers will receive an email offering preview access to this new functionality in the coming weeks. The feature will be generally available for all commercial Jamf Protect customers later this year.
If you have any questions about this new capability, you can reach out to

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Looking forward to this! Great addition to the sand box!

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Just so I'm clear all Jamf Protect customers will be able to take part in this, correct? You used "commercial Jamf Protect customers" several times which makes me wonder if you're lumping us into different groups.

Thanks for the question @mainelysteve. There is a distinction between Jamf Protect Commercial and Jamf Protect Education customers. This new Network Threat Prevention feature will be part of the commercial customer offering. Education customers interested in these kinds of capabilities should check out our upcoming education-specific Safe Internet offering.

Thanks for clarifying @michael_devins. That seems a bit rigid unfortunately. What if I'm an education customer and my faculty and staff machines are managed in Jamf Pro and I wish to have that extra layer of protection for them. Would that management portal within Jamf School cover them as well?

Jamf Safe Internet will also be compatible with Jamf Pro. I'd encourage you to sign up to stay informed on the latest integration details as they become available.