Jamf Protect Experiences?

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Hello fellow Mac SysAdmins,

Just started at a new company and they are in dire need of an endpoint AV solution (among just about every other security precaution that exists).

I am working to set us up with Jamf Pro and I wanted to reach out to see if you have any experience with Jamf Protect (instead of a "more traditional" AV). Most of the posts here are from last year and before I commit to something like MalwareBytes I wanted to check to see if anyone has experience with Jamf Protect as I am a big fan of the tight MacOS integrations and the reduced risk of something breaking with OS updates.

I am 100% not sold on an AV yet so I figured I'd reach out here before diving further into the weeds.



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I rolled this out at my last place before leaving. It is pretty easy to setup and roll out, users won't really notice it and when I was there it was very set it and forget it (but really does block a lot of malicious software out of the box). It is basically some checkboxes in Jamf Pro to get it connected and running. With that being said it's mac only so if you have any other OS in your environment you will need another AV. Hope this helps.