NOOB prestage enrollment question

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I am teaching myself jamf on the fly it's going well so far. I just have one burning question. When I go to Devices> Prestage Enrollments> Scope> View should this always be populated with devices? I am just wondering why once the enrollment process is complete why they would stay populated in that list.


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Your Jamf Pro is syncing with your ABM/ASM. This can be helpful to you to see which devices are in or out of your DEP.

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this way. and being in ABM.. you can remote wipe or locally erase content & setting and it will be ready to re-enrol.. 

you can use ABM to remove from this list if needed. or remove from the pre-stage and add to another pre-stage (eg test) 

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Yes, the devices assigned to that Prestage Enrollment will always show in there. I suspect the reason is so you know what devices are still applied to that prestage and it allows you to wipe and re-enroll without having to manually add the device back. This is especially helpful if you have multiple prestage enrollments like I do. I have a Dev prestage that I use for testing out new workflows/features. 

One thing to note: Only those devices that have a checkmark in front of them are actually assigned to that prestage. If you see a device in there without the checkmark that means it's not assigned to any prestage enrollment.

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@kylo40 Everyone will have a PreStage enrollment, some will have a few. When you view in PreStage you are seeing all devices that are in Apple Business Manager that can be deployed via Jamf. A roster so to speak.

Once enrolled, these endpoints do not disappear from PreStage because this is the entire roster of devices.

The devices will only be removed if removed from PreStage Enrollment.


With the roster analogy: If you have a sports ball team, there is a list of all the players on that team. Whether they show up or play or not, they are still on the team. The only way to not display the player on the roster if to remove them from the team.


Hopefully this helps.