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Content filtering and network threat prevention for education
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Jamf Trust UEM Connect permissions

Hey guys. New to JamfPro line-up but I've gotten the hang of it pretty well. During the integration between Jamf Trust (Security Cloud / Wandera / RADAR / Please setup a naming convention), and Jamf Pro as the UEM, you have the option to either authe...  View more

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 19.07.01.png
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Network printers

We're testing Jamf connect for our Macs. I haven't bound our Macs to AD. I know people say that is usually a bad idea. However, I've ran into issues with our network printers. The Macs can't see the printers. I can try to install the printers, but I ...  View more

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Students able to switch off VPN

Hi,We have a problem with the VPN Internet filter from JAMF Safe Internet.Some students seem to have recently been able to deactivate the VPN connection in the settings.Interestingly, two connections are listed there: "JAMF Trust" and "JAMF Trust Net...  View more

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Block All except allowed?

I am testing the JAMF Safe Internet, and so far it is good.. except I need it to do something that I'm not sure it can do, or I'm not configuring it correctly.My Pre-K through 2nd students only need to access allowed websites. So if I block everythin...  View more

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Vulnerable OS

We use Safe Internet on iPads in Jamf School. When students open the app we have been getting messages that state we have a vulnerable OS since we are not on the absolute current OS version. We defer updates for 30 days so most of our iPads are on 16...  View more

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NOOB prestage enrollment question

I am teaching myself jamf on the fly it's going well so far. I just have one burning question. When I go to Devices> Prestage Enrollments> Scope> View should this always be populated with devices? I am just wondering why once the enrollment process i...  View more

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Can't see device name or user

I have deployed Jamf Safe Internet to my macOS and when I click to see how many devices there is, it doesn't say the name on the device or the user. Is there something I need to do so I can see who is trying to access certain websites?  View more

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JAMF Safe Internet Device or User History

Hi,I just deployed Safe Internet on a test student iPad. So far so good, configuration and deployment was straight forward and everything seems to be working properly. One thing I cannot find is the ability to see an individual device or a users brow...  View more

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