1-2-1 iPad deployment best setup

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HI All,

We are moving across from Lightspeed next year and am wondering what would be the best setup for a 1-2-1 iPad deployment for staff and students on JAMF.

With regards to our current Lightspeed setup every summer we would pull our student and staff details and classes from our SIS and spent some time formatting csv files before importing them into Apple School Manager. Then we would sync lightspeed to ASM to pull the classes across. This isn't ideal as when staff and students leave/arrive they would have to be created manually, and their class information wouldn't be created. We also couldn't manage to pull second/third teachers from our SIS, so they would have to be added manually. We would put restrictions on the iPads via year group, where we would block the App store and certain other apps.

Ideally we would like to get our user accounts from either Google Workspace, or our AD accounts. With new users and leavers automatically created or deleted. I've noticed that JAMF can sync back to ASM which is awesome. Could we pull our class details from Google Classroom into JAMF? ideally automatically?



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UK based by any chance using SIMS? I couldn't get ours to export seconds/third teachers also.

If you want accounts to be created automatically the you could setup federated authentication. Azure has been out a while but Apple have just released a beta version for Google Workspace (this file might be old now: https://www.apple.com/education/docs/get-ready-for-federated-authentication.pdf). This will only do apple ID creation and not sync classes etc.

If your US based then I know some SIS can be connected to apple school manager to sync roster data. UK doesn't have this option so we have to use CSV files. I've managed to put together a few powershell scripts that work with our SIS to pull data and create the csv files automatically.

If you are UK based, you may have heard of Salamander. They have tool that can create apple school manager csvs but I've not tried it.

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Hi UK based yes, but we don't use SIMS, we use Progresso/Cloud School

I took your suggestion and set up federation to Azure, which does indeed create the accounts for me automatically which is great. However it does not sort out the classes as it doesn't have that data. Looks like the only way to get the classes into ASM/JAMF is to unlink from Azure and do a CSV at the start of the year then reenable the federation and manually add students/teachers adhoc to each class.