Add SMB Share to Ipads (Files Maybe?) - Path of Least Resistance!

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Hello all - tried my hand at Applescript but failed. Tried to find some way to do this in Jamf but I don't think it can, not familiar enough with the guts of Apple bits and bobs to draw on any huge knowledge (though half ok in Linux) so pitching this to the community.


All I want to do is add, either in Finder or by some method or another (putting an icon somewhere on the thing,) a SMB share (from a Windows server) onto my student ipads. They need to be able to browse to some files for an app (Clicker) to work. I cannot for the life of me fathom out how to do this. I've set up a separate AD account for authentication but really stumped. It surely can't be hard to do, can it?


If anyone's passing and has done this I'd really love to get it working.


Thanks all!


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You can create a Webclip with the address as 'smb://insert_fileshare_name', which will open the Files app and ask you to authenticate. In my really limited testing, the Files app appears store the credentials used, so students would only need to tap the Webclip and then tap 'Connect' when prompted by the Files app.

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Cheers for that! Think that's mostly there.


Can you pass that web clip authentication? Eg smb://username:password@//fileserver/share at all?