App-Distribution, User Licenses and App-Requests

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i would like to know what is the criteria for distributing apps through app-requests. Disclaimer: We don't have fixed device pools for each class, neither do pupil own devices. All classes have all shared iPads associated.


When a teacher requests an app and selects the whole class, the app is distributed to all shared iPads in the location. The reason seems to be it takes all devices assosiated with the class. Yet the device group created from the app-request doesn't match any shared iPads.

When a teacher requests an app for individual pupil, it shows me no licenses required. What is the reason for it? Do the Pupil need to "own" a Device in the System where it is then installed?


We currently don't have enough devices to have a fixed pool of devices per class or one device per pupil. As we currently can not limit the scope by class or pupil, we won't be able to distribute payed apps effectively and neither use the space on the iPads effectively. Is there any workaround where we can install apps on devices a certain user is currently logged on to?


Thanks in advance