Apps randomly disappearing

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Hello everybody,

i habe a strange problem: Since a few days apps disappearing randomly. They are not removed, because everytime i save (saving is enough) a profile of this device group the apps appear again. But not much later the next user complains about the same problem.

I cannot say if it are always the same apps, but often the jamf apps "teacher" and "classroom disappears and also "Goodnotes". 

Did someone had this issue before and knows a solution?

Thank you!



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I assume you are using Jamf School.


Check your Jamf School to make sure you have enough Licenses for your enrolled devices.

Also good to check that you have Agreed to the Terms and Conditions on Apple School Manager. :)

And check the apps license counts too. (make sure you have enough)

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Oh, yes. And do check your Groups in Jamf School. Apps that you scoped to the groups. Make sure your devices are still in the group (and not fall out of the group).