Automatically Set Device "Location"?

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We are trying to figure out if there is a way to automatically set the "Location" of our iPads in Jamf School. We have a naming standard where the device has the name of the building as a part of the iPad name. Using that we have created some Smart Device Groups to know which iPads need to have the Location updated. However, that requires manual intervention to change the location before we can assign the Owner. So, is there some way to utilize Smart Groups and the device name to automatically assign the device to a Location?

Thanks, Tim


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If you know which devices are assigned to which locations, you could upload a .csv placeholder file, but that doesn't really help you if you are trying to solve for devices that move on their own.


Jamf Pro has the ability to set building based on the network range reported by the device (assuming different buildings are in different local subnets), but I don't think Jamf School has a similar capability.

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As @jcarr said, in Jamf Pro you can set up network ranges and use that to scope devices. In Jamf School, you dont have that specific feature but you can set up 'Regions' which have a network range

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Thanks. We're in the process of moving from Jamf Pro to Jamf School for our iPads, so I was hoping that there was just something that I has missed in the Jamf School capabilities. I guess not. Oh well. We have created some Dynamic Groups that we can filter on to fairly easily change the Location for the iPads that need it. Was just hoping for something to take that final step. Maybe some API scripting or somthing.