Bug: iPads join all dynamic groups

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We have had the following problem or bug for the past two days. Certain iPads are receiving the (automatic) command to "update profiles." Afterwards, they become members of all dynamic device groups and load apps, restrictions, etc. Nothing has been changed either on the iPads or in the groups. What's really strange is that the group memberships should actually exclude each other. For example, students and teachers, location X and location Y (60km apart, dynamic group based on IP), school A and school B, etc.

Has anyone ever encountered a similar case or have any idea what might be causing this?

Thanks in advance :)


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I haven't had this sort of result with a Smart Group, but I did have to mess around with one to get the results I wanted.

You might try adjusting the requirements of the Smart group one piece at a time and see if it makes any difference with grouping. One item you mentioned is you are using the IP address as a sorting tag. Where I'm at, that doesn't work for us because the internet provider we use in the schools provides a centralized IP address and even though we have schools dozens of miles apart, they tag to the same physical address (which just happens to NOT be at the schools). 

I haven't looked into it any more than asking the question to our network specialist. It also isn't a factor for our systems currently. I do want to look into it as a future solution to bulk app distribution based on grade level (High school/elementary) so if you get it figured out, please post your solutions!

Good luck,

Greg Bobbett