Devices > Updates, changing tab resets the filter above

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When you look at the Devices > Updates page, there is a tab list of various OS flavours that could be updated.

There is a filter above this tab view.

When you change the tab to a different operating system, the filter is cleared / reset.

This is very frustrating. 

From a UI perspective, a top down hierarchy of dependencies typically works. Items below shouldn't change the state of those things above. This screen breaks this principle.


The workflow to change tabs whilst requiring the same filtering parameters is quite common, especially because the variants of an OS are split into different tabs. Right now I can see tabs for 17.3.1, 17.3, 17.2, 17.1.1, 17.1, 17.0.3. I'm looking at filtering for iPads that are 9th gen that belong to a particular group. Every time I click a different variant of 17.x the filter resets. I have to go back to change the filter back to match my query.

Really time consuming.

Also confusing since it isn't generally possible for devices to update to anything else but the latest version of the OS - which would be 17.3.1 (but maybe that's because I'm used to Configurator and there are interim steps to fully update to the latest - I've not tested this since I'm typically doing this remotely).


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I just have been seeing this and getting really ticked off.  There's a few places where this sort of thing happens in the UI and yes, it wastes time and brain cells.