Duolingo/Picsart blocked as social media

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We've got a profile that blocks the social media category on iPads as per school policy. However, on some devices (not all) it's blocking Duolingo and Picsart as well. Duolingo is categorised as Education and Picsart Photo & Video. There's no other restrictions blocking apps.

I've tried removing the user from Jamf and resyncing with ASM/reassigning to the device but it didn't work.

Has anyone else seen this? 



I've seen something kind of similar, but that was due to embedded ads in the app being blocked. Have you tried disabling the blocking profile on the affected iPad to see if the apps show back up when it's not on? Would there be any other restriction profile that might be interfering with the app?

Or how about your restrictions profile and the settings 'Allowed Content Ratings' under 'Media Restrictions' tab? The screen clip below is what we set ours at to keep from blocking some apps that are considered "education" but still not for the 12+ age group. 

I hope this helps some.

Greg Bobbett

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Thanks for the response, Greg! Yeah, if I disable the profile that's blocking the social media category on the affected devices, they come back. The app content restrictions on that profile are set to "allow all apps". Seems a bit buggy as the apps work fine on most; I've ruled out parents/teacher restrictions too. Only other thing I've seen in the past is screen time being enabled having an adverse affect (even without app restrictions enabled), but it doesn't seem to be the case here.

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Hey Jamf Community,

It sounds like you're facing an issue with app restrictions on iPads, specifically with Picsart and Duolingo being blocked despite being categorized differently. It's frustrating when policies don't align perfectly with app categorizations. While I haven't heard of this exact issue before, it might be helpful to delve into the specific settings in Jamf or your mobile device management system. Sometimes there are hidden rules or conflicts that can cause these discrepancies.

As for a workaround or suggestion, since you're dealing with a restricted access situation, you might want to consider exploring alternatives. For example, Picsart Premium Gold APK could be an option for those who need advanced photo editing capabilities. It's not a direct solution, but it could provide similar functionalities outside of the blocked category.

Has anyone else encountered a similar situation or found a different workaround? Sharing experiences and solutions can often shed light on these tricky issues.

Thanks for this Topic that you raised!