issue update to iOS 16.1

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I can't update our iPads (6 gen and 9 gen). Everyone currently has iOS 15 installed and communication between the iPad and jamf school is working. All other commands and app installations etc work. These are shared iPads with guest access...does it matter?


I'll ask a couple of questions to see if there's an answer in there somewhere.

1. In your Restrictions Profile, do you have "Defer Software Updates for ## days" turned on? If so, turn it off and refresh the profiles.

2. Are you trying to do all the updates remotely? I ran into an issue that with a major update, you may have to physically tap 'Agree' on the Software update page. 

3. Are you using Devices > Updates > select devices > Download Button/Install Button? If so, you do need to click the 'Clear the passcode(s) checkbox. From some experience, this will reset any passcodes and face/fingerprint IDs on the devices while allowing the update to run on a locked device. 

4. Are the devices charged past 50% or plugged in? I can't remember the threshold, but the install won't run if the devices aren't plugged in or charged up past a certain point.

5. Are they connected to your wi-fi? Seems a silly question, but I had a couple that looked like they were connected. However, when we checked the physical device there was a connection error that was blocking all network communications. A quick Forget network and reapply wi-fi config and all was working again.

That's all I can think of right now. I will say that I actually had to enlist student help with teacher oversight to update a lot of devices in our 30 schools. 

Good luck!


Greg Bobbett