Jamf 100 Exam questions

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Hello all,

Just wanted to know if anyone here has taken the Jamf 100 certification exam. I've been studying for about 3 weeks and wanted to know anyone's experience taking the exam in the past.

Also I would like to know how accurate is the practice exam compared to the actual exam.


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I took it about 5 years ago. Its all multiple choice. I was able to pass it without ever seeing a JAMF instance before just by going over the study material. If memory serves me right, the practice text and the exam were pretty comparable. 


Dont forget the JAMF Exams are open book, just keep your notes up and command+F the key terms. Its kinda hard to fail as it is targeted at entree level helpdesk. If you have access to a JAMF instance even better as you can go to what its talking about to see what your options are, like can you export a report as what format?