Jamf School Profiles - Problem with Layout and Web Clips

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I use the Layout payload from our Jamf School MDM to organize the Apps on our students Shared iPads.
That works BUT when I add a Web Clip in the Layout section this Web Clip is not shown nor any other reorganizing of the Apps.

To me it seems Jamf School 9.2.7 has a problem with more than one payload in a profile. Can anybody confirm that?

In a Jamf Pro installation I administer, too, more than one payload in a configuration profile works.


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Does nobody else has this problem?

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Hi j_meister,

Ím using JAMF School MDM and experience the same problem on the student devices. These Ipads are configured as shared devices with guest logins.

We also use teacher devices with individual apple-IDs for each teacher. In these profiles webclips DO work.

Do you already have a solution or workaround for the problem?

Hi @j_komor ,

as all those devices are Shared iPads the problem might be indeed related to the Shared iPads, good guess. Unfortunately I don't have a solution yet.

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Anyone got anywhere with this?

I tried creating shortcuts directly on iPads and it let me do that but after refreshing the profile they disappeared! I then found out about the Web Clips and put those in my profile and organised them on the Layout however they don't show on the iPads either!

Can someone explain how I get URL shortcuts on to a home screen please!

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Not specific to Jamf School but KB195311 indicates Apple changes broke web clips.  I am unsure if this is still relevant.