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Kia ora

I have recently taken over managing an instance of Jamf School for a school here in New Zealand. I've had some experience using MDM previously just not Jamf itself. I've picked up most things and the documentation and training is pretty good.

There are some things I am having issues with though, and I have had trouble finding out where to locate support. Our reseller advised that we can get support on the Jamf website, but all I can find is references to Support for US customers only.

Am I correct to assume that Jamf does not directly provide any support at all for Jamf School customers outside of the US? Our reseller wants to charge us $160 per hour for support which I think is ridiculous considering we already spend a few thousand a year on the Jamf School product itself.

Any advice would be great as I feel like I am going around in circles searching for an answer.



Is there not a ‘support’ link on the bottom left of the Jamf School interface when you’re logged in? That is how we contact support.


Hi Tim

Yes we have that but it says: Attention: Depending on your support package, the reseller may charge fees for support.

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I'm worried that if I raise a ticket, we will incur that $160/ph fee.

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Maybe you should change reseller? 

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I'm the solutions architect at a school in Christchurch, we use Jamf Pro, but I'm happy to share and useful knowledge. I'm Apple certified for 20+ years and we've been using Jamf Pro for about 5.