Jamf Teacher can't prevent access to Quick Notes

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Our school works heavily with Jamf Teacher to control student's access to apps and resources. Recently we have discovered that they can always access their Quick Notes. This is also the case when the Notes app is not allowed. Consequently, they are starting to use these Quick Notes to cheat. Noting the quickness (pun intended) of opening and closing the Quick Notes, this is a very efficient way to cheat.

Other apps that restrict the students (Apple Classroom, SafeExamBrowser …) do not allow this behaviour. Sadly, these apps have the shortcoming that you can only restrict the students to one app, where in many cases two or three apps are needed.

Does anybody share this experience, or maybe even know how to help?




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What we have found by now: if a student goes to Settings > General > Corner Gestures and toggles off the option "Allow Finger to Swipe From Corner", the problem (obviously) disappears. No swipe from corner = no quick notes. Unfortunately, Jamf School does not allow us to force this setting to our students.

Probably this is a faster solution than waiting for Apple to adjust their Notes API?

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@alexandern I think you've hit the nail on the head there. There isn't a way via the MDM framework to restrict this functionality and until there is there's not much we can do in Jamf School

My advice would to to reach out to Apple and submit a 'voice of the customer' for this to be added as a key in the MDM framework or submit the feedback via AppleSeed for IT, if you are enrolled into that. 

In the mean time, as much as its a drain on time as its a per device action, your manual way seems to be the solution