Location Based WLAN - Places, iBeacons or GPS triggered

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we are facing the following situation:

In a 1:1 Scenario (sponsored BYOD) the provided iPads belong to the students, so we are not allowed to fully manage them with Jamf. Nevertheless we use User Registration and deploy some profiles with settings like WLAN Access etc.

What we are looking for is an option for location based WLAN Access and/or deployment of profiles: The students should be able to apply a profile (automatically) when entering the WLAN at school and also the profile should be deleted when leaving  school (or the WLAN).

I did some experiments with Jamf places, but it did not really work well. Some experiments with the external IP Adress of our school and various subnets/places did not work either.

So is it possible to establish a workflow like described above or are there third party products to provide these functionality?

We use Jamf School. i have no experience with Jamf Pro - is this possible within Jamf Pro?

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Hello @KW1068,

we are looking as well for a solution. We were told that we have to use Jamf Student App to enforce the geo based profile. 

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Any news about this?