Moving devices from Jamf Pro to Jamf School

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I work in K-12 schools. 150 of our original iPads were initially set up in Jamf Pro. Since then, we acquired Zuludesk/Jamf School. We have decided to move all iPad management from Jamf Pro over to Jamf School this summer and discontinue use of Jamf Pro (we are already using Jamf School with our newest devices). Has anyone done this before and have any best practices to share? Is it as simple as unenrolling the iPads from Jamf Pro then re-enrolling in Jamf School? Thanks!


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@shell.bail You'll need to wipe those devices to move them from one to the other. Once wiped you can then go into Apple School Manager and reassign the serial numbers to Jamf School.

Was considering a move to Jamf School this summer. Product needs some work on the ldap auth and syncing side of things and I need (way)more planning time.

FYI I used to live in Westerville. I'm surprised Longfellow Elementary is still standing. It was an old building when I went their back in the late 80's.

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We just finished moving about 600 devices from Xinca/Zuludesk to Jamf Pro. Our workflow was;

  1. Reassign all the devices in ABM from Xinca to Jamf Pro
  2. Do an Erase al Contents and Settings on each of the devices, when the devices go through the setup they will pull management from the new MDM.

You could build your smart groups ahead of time and assign the devices by serial number.

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We also have moved from Pro to School this summer. I would suggest reading the deployment guide with Jamf School. It has helped us in our deployment plus a couple of help desk tickets.

First you will want to add your Jamf School MDM in to Apple School Manager. (Jamf sent you a file to upload)

Then you will need to assign all your devices in Apple School Manager to the jamf school mdm. (We ran a report of the serial numbers from jamf pro and used that to bulk assign the devices. You can also do it a couple other ways)

We then set up the dep profiles and device groups. Also ran a report in jamf pro and used that information for their placeholder importing tool to assign groups and names and asset tags if applicable and uploaded it. (If you get new devices in the placeholder, go and check the serial number in Apple school manager to make sure it is assigned the Jamf School mdm.)

Once the devices move to the Jamf School mdm, they will show up under Devices -> DEP. And from their you can bulk assign dep profiles and a couple other options.

Any device you wipe will now be enrolled into jamf school but you can’t assign any apps, just yet.
You will need to remove the vpp token from your pro server, then go back into Apple School Manager and download a new token, then upload it into jamf school. Once completed, you can sync vpp and it will grab all the apps you have purchased and put them under Apps.

Hopefully this helps you out. If I missed anything that anyone else sees, please chime in.

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Thank you everyone, this is very helpful information!

@mainelysteve Longfellow is definitely still standing, it now houses our all-day kindergarten. :)

Thanks again!

@shell_bail we'll probably end up moving our iOS and TVOS to Jamf School but not our macOS devices. We're keeping them in Pro for now.

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So, I am in the works of moving from pro to school, going to switch to azure auth from LDAPS hoping it works the same.  Yeah trying to clean up and clear up questions with jamf before the move.