Read-Only Contact Sharing via CardDav/Contact Payload

New Contributor

Hi there,

I'm looking for some assistance please in coming up with a solution to sharing organisation contacts to 100+ iPhones as read-only.

In our current setup we're hosting the contacts on a Google account and have configured the Contacts payload in JAMF with the Google CardDav server which works great, however is NOT read-only, meaning end users are able to add/modify/remove these shared contacts which we do not want...

I've faffed around with different solutions such as CoContacts, however am yet to come up with a solution that works. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!!

P.s we have no allegiance to Google contacts and are only using it as a temporary stop-gap, but happy to switch to another platform if it will allow for read-only contact sharing that can be deployed via JAMF.


Thanks again.



I need to come up with a similar solution. We are using Yahoo as a host. Would the editing settings be on the Jamf side or the Carddav server side? Any advice appreciated.