Safari, Camera, Bluetooth disappeared suddenly

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We experimented with profile settings a little bit but removed the profile in the end. Since then, there are a number of students report that the Safari app, camera and bluetooth/airdrop won't work anymore on their devices. But this is a minority. I have looked at the iPads in question and I cannot see anything in the settings that would cause this. Any ideas?



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We had Safari disappear on a few devices at my school. May not be the same thing as you, but I fixed it by:

  • Delete user from Jamf
  • Wait for device to unassign user
  • Run ASM sync to regenerate a fresh user
  • Re-assign to iPad


On one of the affected iPads go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management > Jamf School MDM Profile > Restrictions. See if there are any lingering restrictions for Camera, Safari, Bluetooth. If there are some, force a reinstall of the restrictions profile, or remove it and reinstall it.

Another item to look into is if Jamf Teacher is being used, go to the Jamf > Devices > devices > select the iPad and clear Teacher Restrictions. 

You can always check to see if there is a rogue profile on the device from the Device page above under 'Managed Profiles'. Maybe your test profile didn't get removed from the scope like you thought? or the iPads weren't connected to wi-fi and the command to remove them didn't activate.

Just some thoughts. Good luck!

Greg Bobbett

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Thanks for your ideas staralfur11  GregBobbett. I'll try 

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Solution was to use AppleConfigurator and "repair iPads". Everything else failed for some reason.