Searching for Profiles by Payload Name

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When you create real-world school setups you are encouraged to separate out Profiles with specific payloads. So you can end up with lots of small / atomic Profiles. 

One of the big management challenges is "which payload is store where?"

One of the ideas I had a while ago (before Jamf Nation was taking feature requests) was to have the payload icon visible at the top level of the profiles so you could see which payload was defined in which profile.

Just had another idea, that is probably simpler to implement programmatically and that is to include in Profile search field a way to find by payload name. Type in "cert" in the search field and you see the profiles that have the name "cert" but also show (perhaps in a different section) the ones that have payload names matching.

Propagating the icons would be helpful.

This would be super useful for when you are taking over the management of another site. Others do things differently and it is difficult to find subtle payload configs in places that you didn't expect. 


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Great idea. Ideally, filtered searches would be available for everything in Jamf.
I always try to include the name of the payload in the configuration profile name. 
In the case of custom config profiles, I like to include the name of the domain space.

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Naming conventions are critically important. Name things in a way that makes what they do easy to identify. However, to your point; Jamfs searching and filtering functions suck. Many things that should be linked, just aren't, like why are payloads in policies (like a script or packages) or groups in scops not hyperlinks so you can jump directly to the thing?

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A hyperlink example: Device Groups shown in scope, sometimes I want to go and inspect the Group Definitions but you have to back out to Devices > Groups. Sure there is a potential save conflict, but if I'm just in "read only" mode jumping to the group definition is far fewer clicks and mouse moves. 

A filtering example - we should be designing "top down" so that there is a top to bottom workflow, so why is the Device updates tabs reversed?  Changing the update version tab resets the filter.

I digress. There's two more suggestions to file separately....