Self-Service Apps disappeared

New Contributor II

We just had a massive panic. We had the majority of our students Managed Apps vanish from their iPads for about half an hour. I think it might be to do with "Safelist and blocklist applications Supervision". We had it enabled a while ago to block Social Media and Games. We have the App store itself blocked but on a previous MDM students found a way to bypass this, hence we had the additional restrictions.

Earlier two students were having an issue where they said that Gmail kept deleting itself every few days. I unticked the restriction on Social Media just in case somehow it was causing issues for the students' Gmail app. This should have relaxed restrictions if anything. But soon after students were coming to us in droves saying that they had lost all their apps from their iPads. 

I disabled the "Safelist and blocklist applications" restrictions entirely, then a few minutes later tried adding Apps to a different group and suddenly all the student apps came back, much to our relief. I've tried to look at the logs in JAMF but its not very detailed, several students' devices have "Update all media for device SNXXXXXXXX" in the log" but I cant see too much more detail than that.