Shared iMac's Best Practices - Education

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Reaching out to find out the best practices used in education in a shared lab with Active Directory binding. All user accounts are in Active Directory and use these credentials to login to the iMac. No mobile account is created at login and simply treated as a network account.

When a student logs into the computer for the first time, it takes roughly 2minutes to get to a point where everything as loaded. We use Sophos, Office 365 Apps, Teams, Mounting network drives at login. All apps seem to be sluggish when first opening an app etc.

I'm interested to know how others are setup? Is creating Mobile Accounts a better way to go? I remember testing this but had issues with KeyChain which kept giving me errors.

Majority of the time the student users the same computer every lesson which dramatically makes a difference and login is seamless.

Any advice is much appreciated.


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Prior to Catalina I was using Mobile accounts for consistency. However my login times blew out to sometimes as much as 15 minutes. I found that the Network accounts gave much better times - around what you see or less so I went that route for the labs.

Sounds like you have it right

I don't even mount drives - there's the icon on the dock to get to their network home drive but that's a manual step they do. We will be changing to OneDrive eventually

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Thank you for your response @dlondon That's good to hear network accounts are the way forward. I agree. Much faster. OneDrive is something we would look to implement also. All staff folders are redirecting to OneDrive