Student restrictions (time managed) installation fails (randomly)

New Contributor

Hello everybody,

In our school students use their 'own' iPads which means in the afternoon and on weekends they're theirs to the fullest. This being said, we assigned all the student-owned iPads a profile with restrictions during school hours (such as 'no turning of the wifi' or only using certain apps). These profiles only apply Mon-Fri from 7.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m..

Problem is: Many students' iPads are listed as 'failed' ('Fehlgeschlagen') in the profile installation overview. When I get one of these iPads and I manually reinstall the profile it works. Next day, it might work or it might fail again, there doesn't seem to be any connections to certain students.

We're only using two payloads: restrictions and whitelist. Following a suggestion from the support, we split up the two payloads into two separate profiles (Schueler_Restriktionen and Schueler_Whitelist) as they said the problem might be having several payloads within the same profile. This didn't work, unfortunately.

I'm open for any suggestions and thank you in advance.

Best wishes