To Update the OS means to know how much space is available

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There are a couple of screens where you can update the OS for a device / iPad.

Some times this fails to update. One of the reasons is because there is insufficient space on device.

However, all of the places where there are update buttons there is no feedback indicating the amount of free space on the device. 

The suggestion is: where there is a device OS update workflow, make sure that the capacity of the device is clearly visible. Given that the OS update version typically has a size associated, it would be better to flag if the device isn't going to be able to accomodate the update.


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We use smart groups to check that the machine has enough hard drives space.  So for macOS upgrades we make sure the user has over 30 gigs of space available, otherwise they are excluded from even seeing the upgrade.

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Good point. I setup one of those ages ago but you've just reminded me.

Suggests a feature: A way to have a favourite set of filter configs that are easily visible. Thinking here of a bank of button presets.

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I have a smart group called 'Good to Update'.

It works decently enough, the smart group is set up to only auto-add iPads that meet the following criteria:

- Charge level is greater than or equal to 60% (Since iPadOS won't update iPads that have less than 50% if on battery, or less than 20% if on charge).

- Available storage is greater than or equal to 25% (Not perfect, I would prefer GB as the option, since 25% of 32GB is 8GB where as 25% of 64GB is 16GB, the 64GB would clearly have enough space for a 5GB update, but the 32GB wouldn't).

- Last connected less than 1 day ago (REALLY wish this was more fine-grained, I would prefer if it was 'Last connected less than 1hr ago, but Jamf School doesn't support anything less than 1 day).

- Current region based on IP Address is the schools location.

I wish I could have greater control over the charge level, such as whether it is currently charging or not, that way I could vary the charge level % (>20% for plugged in, >60% for on-battery), and as said, wish I could set the available storage based on GB instead of %.

But overall, the smart group I set up seems to work pretty well.

What really frustrates me though is when Jamf School says the update is 4.67GB (iPadOS 17.4 shows in 'Devices -> Updates as being 4.67GB), but when I try to tell an iPad that has 8GB of free space to update, it either sits at 'Update Scheduled' forever, or it shows as 'Failed' with 'Not enough free space', it's like... Umm, you say the update is 4.67GB, this iPad has 8GB, in the universe I live in, 8GB is LARGER than 4.67GB...

What's even worse is when you go to the iPad itself, go to 'Settings -> General -> Updates' and it lists the update size as only say 2GB vs Jamf School showing 4.67GB...