Emmanuel Katto Uganda :What are your top learning priorities for JNUC 2024?

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Hi everyone,

Introduce myself Emmanuel Katto from Uganda. As we prepare for JNUC 2024, I'm curious to hear about your top learning priorities for the event. What are the key topics, technologies, or strategies you're most eager to explore and understand better? Whether it's new developments in Jamf technology, best practices in device management, or insights into industry trends, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Looking forward to your suggestions and ideas!

Best regards

Emmanuel Katto Uganda



We only attended JNUC for the first time last year but I found the opportunities to connect with peers more valuable than the sessions itself.

Don't get me wrong. The sessions are great and very informative but these get posted on YouTube after a couple of months.

Whilst we were in Austin last year we took advantage of every opportunity to talk to others in the industry and get their points of view and/or methods of doing things as much as possible. 

Key topic for JNUC 2024 will most likely be security. I'm crossing my fingers for some quality of life improvements coming to Jamf Pro being announced at the keynote.