IT Project Coordinator - Las Vegas, NV

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Our Mission

“Everyone prepared!  Everyone saved!”

Our Vision 

To be the standard of excellence for Christian schools.


Our Values


Family, Academics, Innovation, Truth and High-Achievement provide the framework for our values.





 High Achievement



The Role and Function of the IT Project Coordinator


The IT Project Coordinator provides excellent customer service of technical assistance to employees and students by answering questions, resolving software and hardware issues, installing, maintaining and troubleshooting the school’s computer equipment and infrastructure as well as manage projects.



The Positional Responsibilities


  1. Support and troubleshoot Windows & Apple desktops/laptops/tablets/software & hardware.
  2. Provide support for all employees and student’s school email accounts.
  3. Troubleshoot and support iPad app issues.
  4. Troubleshoot any wired or wireless network problem immediately.
  5. Train and support all school personnel in the use of Apple products and best practices.
  6. Manage and assist in implementing projects such as distribution of new and used devices to incoming students and new employees assuring accuracy of assignments.
  7. Gather data and formulate reports as needed for progress on hand-in and hand-out events.
  8. Public-facing; dropped students and internal staff hardware return processing.
  9. Classroom technologies troubleshooting Swivl, AppleTV (AirPlay via AppleTV).
  10. Collaborative documentation for technology implementations, procedures, and troubleshooting.
  11. Verify inventory and maintain records of school distributed and loaner equipment prior to distribution and through the life of the devices used.
  12. Create and verify new employee and student records in JAMF, OD, and GMAIL maintaining accuracy.
  13. Assist in maintaining accurate repair records and replacement records.
  14. Other related duties as directed by the Chief Information Officer.



Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


Bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent experience preferred.  Excellent customer service skills a must.  Good working knowledge and understanding of computer technology and ability to learn both programs and new hardware.  A large focus is using JAMF in managing devices and inventory. Possess good skills in organizational and project management, prioritize time, problem-solving and communicating effectively.  The ability to: work independently and collaboratively with vendors, employees and students; and adapt to the needs of the network and changing trends of technology.  Must be supportive and maintain a positive work environment.  Based on the needs of the school, may be required to work outside of normal workday.



The Mega-limitation


When representing Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School, the IT Project Coordinator shall not act in a manner that is unethical, imprudent, illegal or inconsistent with the Christian faith, the articles of incorporation, By-laws, policies or mission of Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School.


Salary and Benefits


The IT Project Coordinator is a full time, non-exempt position.  Pay is $25/hr with full health and retirement benefits.   Qualified applicants, please submit your resume and a statement of your faith to Stephanie Cannito, Director of Human Resources at by September 24, 2021.

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