Senior Client Platform Engineer - London, UK (Deliveroo)

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We’re looking for a Senior Client Platforms Engineer who is excited about building scalable platforms, leveraging modern management tools to secure and manage our global fleet of endpoints. You play a leading role in planning, building and maintaining the infrastructure and tools used to manage our global fleet of MacOS, ChromeOS, Windows, Linux and mobile endpoints for our employees. If you love to build automation and solve complex problems we can’t wait to hear from you. As a fast growing company you’ll have the opportunity to lead many projects that tackle hard problems.



  • Improving the whole lifecycle of End User Compute services—from inception and design, through to engineering, deployment, with primary focus upon reliability.
  • Maintain services once they are live by measuring and monitoring indicators such as availability, ticket trends, and overall service health against SLOs.
  • Partnering with the information security team to create, manage, and maintain policies, configuration profiles, and security baselines for all of Deliveroo corporate endpoints (e.g., macOS, Windows, ChromeOS, Linux, iOS and Android)
  • Ensure our macOS fleet remains up-to-date with the latest OS patches and third-party software updates
  • Creating and maintaining applications and services to automate processes
  • Identifying and realising opportunities for automation
  • Creating and maintaining technical documentation
  • Effectively communicating technical information to internal customers and stakeholders in a friendly and easy to understand manner
  • Be a mentor for others in the team, holding a high bar for technical decisions 
  • Contribute towards device selection decisions and support a continuous operational device refresh program. 

Recommended Experience:

  • Significant experience with managing macOS, Windows and ChromeOS devices at a global scale
  • Strong experience with tools such as Jamf, Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly known as Intune), AutoPilot, osquery, SCCM, Chef, Ansible, Puppet.
  • Strong experience with scripting and writing code (ex. Python, JavaScript, Go, Ruby, PowerShell)
  • Strong documentation skills with an eagerness to teach others
  • Inquisitive with a desire to improve and challenge the status quo to drive a culture of continuous improvement
  • Experience with BeyondCorp Enterprise and Zero Trust security models is a plus