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Hello Los Angeles Mac Admins! Hope everyone is doing well and all set for summer! I'm hoping this will be one of our last virtual meetups.

I know it's been a while but we are ready for another meetup. We will be meeting virtually on Thursday, July 6th from 5-7PM PST. We are very excited to have a very important member of the Mac Admins community joining us to show off what he's been up to with swiftDialog.

Dan K Snelson, or #dan-snelson to most of you on Slack, will be joining us to discuss his work using swiftDialog! He will be discussing creating custom branded notifications and messages using this amazing tool from Bart Reardon.

At CALSO, we are using swiftDialog heavily for our clients and Dan's work and tutorials has been very helpful in getting us setup for success. You can find his tutorials on his LaaS (Laugher as a Service) website |

And more information on swiftDialog here |

We will also be discussing all the new announcements made this week at WWDC 2023. Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks.

Zoom info for the meetup will go out the day of as usual. If you have any questions or need anything in advance, please let me know. You can find me on slack @macdadmin or email

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

- Adam

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Thanks for the opportunity, @macdadmin!