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The New York City Jamf User Group returns to live, in-person meetings after a 3 year absence.  

In the City that never sleeps, one of the longest running Jamf User Groups makes its return to the Big Apple! 

Founded in 2014 with only 16 original members, The NYCJUG crossed into our 9th year on February 18th, and we have had over 300 individual members over the years, and it was not uncommon to have 70 or more admins attend each meeting.  

March 2020 was the last time we all got together in person.  And during the pandemic, we did meet over zoom, but as the world starts to return to in-person meetings -  we have decided it is time to get the band back together and return to the Apple offices at 100 Fifth Ave where we have held almost every meeting of the group.  

While the event is Jamf focused, we are open to Apple admins of any skill level, even if they are not using Jamf today. Jamf and Apple team members will be on hand to talk with. We will not be live-streaming or virtually meeting for the event.  

As always, we plan on having refreshments, planned speakers, and open discussion on all things Jamf/Apple. 

To mark this event, we are planning on some surprise guests, so keep an eye out for updates.  

Full details below :

NYC Jamf User Group 3/16/23 Meetup

Thursday, March 16th, 2023


100 Fifth Ave, 6th Floor
New York, NY, 10014

4:30-6:30 PM


Since this is our first post pandemic meetup - we are instituting a signup page - We are planning on capping the attendance at 50 members for this meeting to allow for some social distancing and to gauge demand for future meetups.  

Signup page can be found here -

Because space is limited, we will be registering guests, and will check in with those registered about a week before the event to confirm attendance if we reach the cap.  If there are cancellations, we will then open the slots for waitlist.  

If anyone has any special requests/dietary needs, please reach out to @MarkMelaccio 

looking forward to seeing you all there.  

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Thu, Mar 16, 2023 01:30 PM PDT
Thu, Mar 16, 2023 03:30 PM PDT
Contributor II

My special request is very simple and might be welcomed by mas people as well. Can we get a variety of Surly beverages to mark this speacial occasion.

Contributor II
Contributor II

As a reminder, if you signed up on The Jamf Nation page, we do need you to sign up at this link as well - - this is what is driving our guest registration system.  So if you just signed up here, please register asap.  

If you did register and are not able to come, please let me know. We are near the limit for the room, and just want to make sure we have room or everyone,  

Contributor II
Contributor II



Today is the day! Happy 3:16 (cause Stone Cold said so!)

NYCJUG happens at 4:30 PM at 100 Fifth Ave, NY, NY, 10014 - We will be on the 6th floor. 

As anticipated , we had a couple of cancellations, so there should be room for any late entries. If you are coming and just want to ease our mind that we didnt order too much Pizza ( as if thats a thing), let me know with a quick email at