Today we released Jamf Connect 2.36.0. This release includes the following changes and improvements:

  • Zero Touch App Activation with Jamf Connect and Jamf Trust
    Jamf Connect is now able to generate a unique token that can activate Jamf Trust for macOS, which creates a “zero touch” experience where users no longer have to manually sign in to their Jamf Trust app. This allows for the activation of Jamf Connect's Zero Trust Network Access capabilities without requiring users to manually interact with Jamf Trust. For more information, see Zero Touch App Activation with Jamf Connect and Jamf Trust.
  • The User Promotion Biometrics (UserPromotionBiometrics) setting allows administrators to require Touch ID as a form of authentication prior to a temporary elevation session. This setting will be available in Jamf Connect Configuration with a future release.
  • The User Promotion Role (UserPromotionRole) setting now supports the following additional identity providers: Okta-OIDC, OneLogin, PingFederate, IBMCI, Custom
  • The Offline MFA Reminder (OfflineMFAReminder) setting allows administrators to schedule a recurring notification which will remind users to register a device for offline multifactor authentication (MFA). The notification will appear for all users who have multifactor authentication enabled and have not set up offline multifactor authentication. This setting will be available in Jamf Connect Configuration with a future release. 


To access new versions of Jamf Connect, log in to Jamf Account with your Jamf ID. The latest version is located in the Products section under Jamf Connect.

Product Documentation

For additional information on what's included in this release, review the release notes via the Jamf Learning Hub.

Thank you!
The Jamf Connect team

New Contributor II

After updating to 2.36.0 it appears that the Offline MFA Reminder (OfflineMFAReminder) is set to true by default which is not the right thing to do!! my users get annoying popups every 5 minutes asking them to setup local 2FA!


Hello @BKZU ,
Thank you for reaching out about this bug. This is not the intended behavior. We have confirmed the bug and have scheduled the work to fix this.
David Engum
Product Owner

New Contributor

We are also seeing issues with repeated MFA prompts when using OktaIdentityEngine and Jamf Connect after the 2.36.0 update.  After users login to their MacOS device they are repeatedly prompted by Okta MFA approximately every 15 minutes from Jamf Connect.  Users are not using local Offline MFA when checking the keychain via terminal.

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