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It’s here! In Jamf Pro 11.0 the interface has been redesigned with a modern look and feel that improves clarity and ease of use. We’re excited to share many of these new features and enhancements that are part of this release.



We hope this resource continues to provide additional details to support your use of the features in this release. Thank you for your continued support and feedback!


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Thanks, Calley!

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I like the left sidebar notes in the videos. 

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I hope JAMF will make a button to easily reveal management account password soon. LAPS via API is pretty long and not easy way.

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I appreciate the design aesthetics, but I'm sincerely hoping for a dark mode option. Staring at such a bright interface for extended periods can be quite straining on my eyes.

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the new redesign is harder to read and navigate. I would love a way to customize the look or go back to the "classic" UI.

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