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Jamf Pro 11.3 makes LAPS easier to use via the Jamf Pro interface, introduces support for Account-Driven Device Enrollment on computers, and brings improvements to the Jamf App Catalog experience for administrators and users alike! Be sure to check out the Jamf Pro release notes for all of the exciting new features and enhancements.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback!


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Please fix the huge bugs in existing versions before rolling out new features. 11.1 added Remote Administration that doesn't even work. 11.2 introduced bugs that have completely stopped a major deployment. Please fix the bugs.  

I can find very little information about the new LAPS system you're introducing! How is it going to affect our existing home-grown LAPS? Is there a way to customize LAPS? Is there an Off switch to not use it at all? 

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maybe you can implement ModernAuth as well? or is that on the schedule for the year 2050??????


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New Contributor III

Hi @AVmcclint - I can comment on the LAPS upgrades but unfortunately don't have feedback on the Remote features in 11.1 onward.

The LAPS update in 11.3.0 are focused on inventory and password display. Your current workflow should be unaffected, but now it's easier to go into the computer inventory and view passwords. After viewing they will go through the auto rotate process as well.

Other settings for LAPS are still API only, but that is something we're looking at and have been receiving great feedback on to move forward and improve.

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Another bug filled release.

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