Hello Jamf Nation!

We have two important notifications for Jamf Protect users who may be affected by future deprecations and changes.

  1. Support for macOS 11 will be removed in a future Jamf Protect release. Jamf recommends updating to macOS 12.x or later to ensure continued support.

  2. The existing telemetry feature is expected to be incompatible with the next major macOS version. Jamf Protect is developing a new version of telemetry that is compatible with current and future versions of macOS. The improved version of telemetry provides more detailed configuration options, better refinement and visibility of telemetry data, and improved resource utilization.

    The existing telemetry feature will continue to be available to allow customers time to migrate to the new version. Prior to releasing the new telemetry feature, Jamf will provide more detailed documentation of telemetry events and data via a telemetry data model, as well as migration information. Existing SIEM applications and integrations will also be updated to support the future version of telemetry.


Thank you,
The Jamf Protect team

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