Jamf Teacher/Student App-Updates

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Hi everyone,


is it anyhow possible to hide the "App-Updates" tile in the Student and Teacher apps? Yesterday i had an incident where a teacher pressed the link to update all apps in the Teacher app. While updating, the Teacher app asked to login to jamf displaying a login form (the Teacher app was one of the apps to update). As i think this could throw off alot of users and generate alot of incidents, i would like to disable this feature and have apps auto updated in the after hours.


Is this a known issue when the Teacher/Student app is updated as well through that menu? If so, disabling manual updates for this app or all auto installed apps would be a workaround. For the Student app there is an option which can be disabled so students can't update auto installed apps, but there is no option like this for the Teacher app (Organization > Settings > Jamf School Teacher/Student).


In Jamf School we set apps to auto update only from 18:00 to 00:00 (Organization > Settings > General). In the apps we set to use global settings for auto updates.


Does anybody have experience with the app update process? Especially with the problem above.


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You'll have to visit each app record and disable the auto update functionality, but doing so won't hide the updates tile. 

Are you the organizational admin? You should have received an outage notice via email Monday afternoon regarding the login issue for version 5.2.1. The issue was corrected by an update for both Student and Teacher apps yesterday (11/9) so ensure your devices that updated to 5.2.1 get 5.2.2 installed.