Laptops for Teachers and MDM on device but not full on...

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Hello, I'm looking at putting JAMF Pro onto our teacher Macbook pros just in case a teacher decides he/she forgets to turn in their device after leaving our school (single high school). Is there anyone out there with laptop with just a touch of MDM managing, not trying to control their iPads just be able to do my favorite "Lost Mode" feature I can do on my student iPads but for Teacher/Staff that possible, I've not dived too deeply into this. Thought I would ask the experts out there- thank you! Looking to do this for two new laptop cart setups as well...


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Yes, there is a Lock Computer feature in JAMF, not 100% certain what versions have access to it since I've been using JAMF Pro. I've used this feature to lock many student and teacher devices. With new computers, you will have the option to lock the computer with a six-digit code (required) and send a message to the device (optional). Computers running an older OS will only get the lock code. It should be noted that the device has to be turned on and connected to the Internet to be locked. 

What should happen is the device will reboot itself and look like it's booting normally. But in reality, it's booting to the recovery partition and then locking itself. When it finishes booting there will be a grey screen with a six-digit entry field, and your message will be displayed underneath the field. Wiping the machine or booting to an external drive will not bypass the lock screen. It would be best to keep records of what codes were used for each device. I've had problems with lock screens where my JAMF records no longer had the lock code that was used to lock the device.