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New Contributor III
New Contributor III

We had so much fun sharing innovative educational goodness with you last summer, we're back with more! We've packed every Tuesday between now and Feb. 1 with engaging and valuable talks featuring educators, thought leaders and authors, all moderated by Jamf's own Educational Leadership Executives Dr. Emily Froese and Mike Lawrence. They're FREE, and you might even get a fun thank you gift for attending (presuming you fulfill all of your district ethics requirements! Register for one, or 'collect the whole set!'

Dec. 7 - Brian Messinger, Apple Distinguished Educator, Coordinator of Classroom Instructional Technology & Student Achievement at Sewanhaka Central High School District 

Innovation Express - How Sewanhaka Approaches Student Learning

Brian Messinger, Coordinator of Classroom Instructional Technology & Student Achievement for Sewanhaka Central High School District shares his district's approach to leveraging technology for student learning. Also featured will be Geogebra, the world's favorite digital math tool!


Dec. 14 - Dave Saltmarsh & Valeria Tschida, Community Education Team at Jamf

Embracing Learning Across the Globe - Jamf Matter Innovation Hubs

Join Global Education Strategist Dave 'Salty' Saltmarsh and Community Education Program Manager Valeria Tschida to discover how Jamf is supporting student learning worldwide. As of today, with the addition of Innovation Hubs in Minnesota, USA, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan, Jamf will be powering 15 Innovation Hubs around the globe.
Dec. 21Carol Anne McGuire, Apple Distinguished Educator, Educator, Rock Our World Founder, Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder Coach
Visualize Learning with Procreate
Apple Distinguished Educator Carol Anne McGuire shares her passion for the complete mobile studio that is Procreate on iPad. As a classroom teacher, strengths coach, technology coordinator, celebrated keynote speaker and nonprofit founder, Carol Anne brings a 'world' of experience to her use of tools in education. Join us as we explore how to leverage visualization, sketchnoting and storytelling using Procreate on iPad.


Jan. 4 - Rex Miller, Author, Whole.

SEL - What Teachers Need to Help Students Thrive in 2022

It takes a happy and healthy teacher to create an engaged and inspired student. However, many teachers are hanging on by a thread because of the overwhelming needs the pandemic has created. Rex Miller's research takes a hard look at these facts and shares the promising research his MindShift team found applying the practices of Social-Emotional Health and the habits of post-traumatic growth.

Let's Replace Social Distancing with Physical Distancing.

REX MILLER is the principal and thought leader for MindShift, a future-focused consultancy and organizational performance firm. He is the author of The Commercial Real Estate Revolution, The Millennium Matrix: Reclaiming the Past, Reframing the Future of the Church, and Change Your Space, Change Your Culture, and more.


Jan. 11 Michelle Ciulla LipkinExecutive Director of the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE), Bill Selak, Apple Distinguished Educator & Director of Technology, Hillbrook School

Educating on Media Literacy During an Infodemic

Recent events have created an environment that allows for and even encourages the spread of mis- and disinformation. Educators and students are bombarded by daily assaults of this type of deceptions. Join an Apple Distinguished Educator and Director of Technology and the Executive Director of National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE), as we discuss strategies and resources to combat this ‘infodemic’ you can use tomorrow.


Jan. 18 - Reshan Richards, Founder & CEO, Explain Everything

Six Essential Competencies for Today's Educators

Dr. Reshan Richards, CEO & Co-Founder of Explain Everything, will showcase six essential competencies teachers need in today's learning environments. He will explore some of the features that make the Explain Everything solution magical in the classroom.


Feb. 1 - Dr. Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow

Learning Before Hardware, NOT ‘Device’ Versa: The Latest Speak Up Report Results

Dr. Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, shares the latest data from the prestigious Speak Up research project, a decades-long effort to learn firsthand how students, parents, teachers, tech leaders and other administrators see the landscape of education shifting. Topics to be included are: one to one learning programs, mobile device management and more.




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