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Hi friends,I'm working on a new first boot sequence for our org; in the past, I've used dockutil and duti to set the appropriate dock and UTI's for calendars/email. They're both getting long in the tooth, though, and I seem to recall there was a Swif...
Hi guys, I'm doing some testing now to see if I can fit Graham Pugh's excellent erase-install.sh into our workflow for first boot - it works like a charm outside. how might I integrate this into a first boot routine using DEPNotify? Would I put a com...
Hi all, We're trying to use dockutil to remove some apps and add a few behind DEPNotify at first boot using this script. It's not working - anyone have any ideas why? I realized I could have used $3 for current user after I wrote it... go figure. #!/...
Here's a fun one for you duti users out there... I'm attempting to use duti with this script to set defaults. The commands work when run locally, but when I attempt to use a script or a command in Files & Processes, they don't work. It also didn't wo...
Hi all! So we worked with Jamf Professional Services to learn about DEPNotify and how we could implement it. It's super cool, and easy to implement - however, we saw Hoppy Shaw's video where he talks about deploying it, and noticed he had several scr...
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