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HI, we need to package Avaya Agent with specify config.xml that has the necessary settings. The Config.xml will need to be placed into User/username/ Library/Preferences/Avaya-Agent/ folder which only gets created after the app is opened the first ti...
The existing EAs I found are looking for /Users/$loggedInUser/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Desktop and /Users/$loggedInUser/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Documents. which does not seem to exist and therefore report 0 fo...
Hi , we are trying to setup SSO and ran into an issue where users in an ldap group are not recognized and get access denied. Only ldap users directly added to JSS are recognized and signed in. Any idea how this can be solved ? thanks
We have an issue with Polycom RPD PKG 3.9, since it has to install in user context and not as root. User does not need admin permissions since it will install into ~/Applications. Anyone installed a package in user context already and has some idea o...
Hi everyone, I have packaged up a webapplication as pkg, all works well it installs fine but i need to add a json file to users Library so the app opens and connects to the right server. I solved that with a postflight script but the problem is, the ...
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