Introducing the Jamf 170 Course

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We’re excited to share the new endpoint security-focused Jamf 170 Course! The 170 is an introductory certification course focused on Jamf Protect, macOS security features, mobile device management, and best practices to keep your fleet safe. This course is self-paced, available online, and the content is free to all. The 170 provides foundational knowledge for Jamf’s advanced instructor-led security counterpart, the Jamf 370 Course.


Keeping computers secure and safeguarding user data is no small ask. Jamf Protect provides the toolset to identify malicious activities, source analytics, and leverage MITRE ATT&CK framework intelligence. Even if you’ve been managing Apple devices for a while, and just now joining the security space, this can be a lot to take in. That’s why we designed the 170 to help you build a framework to understand and employ the features of Jamf Protect from the ground up. This course is contains 11 lessons separated into 3 sections.


Providing context for the many features available in Jamf Protect is crucial. We start with the basics by covering security features available on all Mac computers. Many of these features are configurable by users, can be monitored in Jamf Protect, and enforced with an MDM solution like Jamf Pro.


Next, we’ll explore the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix, CIS benchmarks, and the macOS Security Compliance Project. These frameworks are critical to understanding how malicious actors try to exploit security vulnerabilities. By understanding how and why exploitative activities are executed, we’ll prepare you to mitigate those endpoint threats.


In the final section, we dive into Jamf Protect and explore alerts, analytics, plans, and much more. Learn how to monitor and mitigate threats, leverage your knowledge of the MITRE ATTA&CK Matrix, and use CIS benchmarks to preempt dangerous activity. We’re also introducing a simulated Jamf Protect environment, where you’ll create alerts, prevent lists, actions, and plans. Complete tasks based on lessons in the 170 and check your understanding before jumping into a live environment.


Finally, test your knowledge with the Jamf Certified Endpoint Security Associate Exam. This certification offering will be available soon; in the meantime, prepare to get certified with the section reviews, practice exam, and interactive simulations.


We’re thrilled to bring the Jamf 170 Course to you and your colleagues, and look forward to seeing you there. Thank you, and we’ll cya soon!


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This is cool. For those that aren't Jamf Protect customers, is the simulated Jamf Protect environment enough to jump into the exam?


Or do you recommend experience with Jamf Protect before the exam?

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New Contributor II

Great question @obi-k! The content in the 170 covers everything in the exam; between the videos, written content, and simulations, you'll be in good shape to succeed with the certification.

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Very cool. When will the exam be available? I'm starting to get my Jamf certifications, and would like to attempt this before trying the 370 exam. I'd rather pay $100 for the 170 and find out I'm terrible at endpoint security rather than the $2,500 for the 370.

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Thanks for the comment and we love that you are enjoying the course! Credit to @kschuler and his team for putting the content together. We appreciate your approach to Jamf certifications and especially around the 170 > 370. We do not have a set date for the exam, but have stated in the course "spring 2023" - which for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere is sometime in the next few months. 😀 Until then, we encourage you to go through the course and the practice exam too! Thank you again and have an awesome day.