Jamf Pro 10 - Certification Validity FAQ

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Hello Jamf Nation,

Following the exciting news last week at JNUC of Jamf Pro 11 coming soon, we know many of you have questions as to what this means for your existing Jamf certifications and what our plans are moving forward for training courses and certifications. To that end, we have put together the following questions and answers, which we hope address as many of these as possible.

Look for another post once Jamf Pro 11 comes out with additional details then.

-Jamf Training


What happens to my existing Jamf Certified Tech, Admin, and/or Expert Certifications?

Nothing! Per our Training Policies, your Jamf Pro 10 certifications are valid indefinitely for Jamf Pro 10. We will not be making any alterations to previously issued certifications and will continue to accept them as prerequisites for Jamf Pro 11 courses.

For example, if you have achieved your Jamf Certified Tech certification on Jamf Pro 10, you will be able to use that as a prerequisite for the Jamf 300 or 370 Course on Jamf Pro 11. Similarly, if you have achieved your Jamf Certified Admin certification on Jamf Pro 10, you will be able to enroll into the Jamf 400 Course on Jamf Pro 11.


Do I need to retake the courses and exams to re-certify?

For most customers, no. While Jamf Pro 11 introduces a number of new features and accessibility improvements, fundamentally there are a lot of similarities with Jamf Pro 10 and the core functionalities taught in our training courses will not change. In our mind, this means that recent Jamf Pro 10 certifications continue to remain valid to both employees and employers alike and there is no need to retake a course you may have taken a few months previously. However, if you last took a course back when Jamf Pro 10 first came out, you may wish to come and update your skills and knowledge as the product has changed 50+ times since!


Should I cancel a future course enrollment and wait for Jamf Pro 11 courses to be released?

Absolutely not! We do not foresee our training courses fundamentally changing upon the release of Jamf Pro 11, outside of our usual update practices to accommodate new features and the latest Apple operating system releases. Therefore, we would continue to encourage people to come to class, learn more about Jamf Pro, and obtain certification. In fact, right now is a great time to get some additional training in before the end of the calendar year - plus there may be some training or continuing education budget left for a remote course.


Furthermore, we are also working on some additional, free, online learning that we will make available exclusively to students who receive a training certification between the announcement of Jamf Pro 11 at JNUC and the release of our Jamf Pro 11 courses. This training will be designed to clarify any changes to workflows that may arise as a result of the new user interface and features. After the completion of this online learning, students will have the option to be issued Jamf Pro 11 certifications (only available if version 10 certifications were awarded during this time period).


What happens to my Jamf Certified Endpoint Security Administrator Certification?

As this certification is not tied to a product version and is instead given a specific validity period, it will remain active until that time - at which point you will be able to re-certify.


When will Jamf Pro 11 courses be released?

We will support Jamf Pro 11 shortly after the general release to all customers.