Most Creative Use of Jamf Award 2022

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Hello Jamf Nation!


We have some big news to share. The Most Creative Use of Jamf, Jammie Award is back! And we want you to enter your submissions by June 24th for consideration for this year's award. 


Have you used Jamf creatively to solve your organization's needs? Do you know someone who's done something unique in their environment with Jamf? If you answer "yes" to any of the below questions, you could win the "Most Creative Use of Jamf" award at JNUC's Jammies awards celebration.

  • Have you used Jamf in a clever way in your environment?
  • Did you use Jamf to overcome a hurdle in your organization?
  • Were you able to streamline your productivity with Jamf?
  • Did you implement a unique solution using Jamf?


We'd love to hear about the creative ways you, or a fellow Jamf customer, are using Jamf to achieve success! Go to this form to enter your nomination or nominate another Jamf customer.  


Feel free to post questions about the award below. But you must submit all award submissions via the form. And check back here for updates on the Most Creative Use of Jamf award and the Jammies 2022.


New Contributor

Can we have a link to prior Jammie award winners?

Contributor III

Yes, here is our blog post with a run-down of our winners from 2021.