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Community Manager
Community Manager

First of all, thank you for the passion that you have for our Jamf products and your engagement in providing great input on what features to add.  With the rollout of this new Jamf Nation community we have moved your feature requests from Jamf Nation to a dedicated feature requests portal: ideas.jamf.com


What’s new/changing:

  • This will be a separate site from our community, it is leveraging an industry standard solution that is integrated with our internal road mapping and development tools.

  • You will be able to access this portal via ideas.jamf.com or via a link in the Jamf Nation Community.

  • All existing feature requests, comments, and votes have been converted to the new portal.

  • In order to create a new feature request, comment, or vote, you will need to log in with your Jamf ID.

  • You may notice that some feature requests, comments, and votes are associated with a “Guest” user. Until our customers log in to the feature request portal the first time , any feature requests, votes, or comments associated with their username will say “Guest” versus their email.

  • As a feature request moves through the development life cycle, we can also provide updates to our customers automatically.


What will we focus on at Jamf in 2021:

  • You all have submitted a lot of great feature requests and we (the Product team, and other supporting teams at Jamf) will update these with comments or status in the new platform.

  • Our process to review and provide feedback on these will be much more streamlined, as we will have more capabilities to group, merge, and tag feature requests in this new solution.

  • Our SLA for providing initial feedback on new feature requests will be 30 days. 

Please hop over to our feature request portal when you have time to review any existing feature requests, vote, or comment. Or go ahead and create a new one. 

We have added a few categories to help group feature requests that can be selected when you create a feature request and we may continue to add fields as needed to help capture your great ideas and feature requests. 

We look forward to hearing what you think and any feedback that you may have on our products or the new feature request process.


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I tried logging in with my Jamf ID but got an error that I was unauthorized. Help?

Edit: Nevermind. Got in. To get in, I had to log into the Jamf Nation site first and then I was able to log into ideas.jamf.com. Took a few tries but it eventually worked.


Why is ideas.jamf.com like a one line bullet point in this post instead of just a link at the top of the page in the banner?

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@CalleyOSince Feature Requests now are going to be reviewed within 30 days after being submitted, what happens to all the old feature requests? Do we need to re-submit those to get someone to review them or is that something that is currently under way on Jamf's end?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for the question and the feedback you've provided so far, @bpavlov. The product teams are in the process of reviewing all old feature requests in addition to new feature requests that have been submitted since the move to our new feature request portal. There is no need to resubmit any old feature requests.