JNUC Memories

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This being my first JNUC, I was wondering what some of the highlights and memories are that people had from JNUCs past. #VJNUC21 #JNUC


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Good one. Please refer this https://community.jamf.com/t5/jamf-nation-user-conference/awesome-experience-about-jnuc-2020-and-exc...


Long Story Short you will get ample opportunity to learn different Clients use case, challenges and how they remediate to come up from challenges.

You will get to know Jamf New products/tools features and enhancements in details with wonderful examples.

You can interact with Jamf Partner vendors.

Also last year Microsoft experts cover for Jamf and Intune Integration success and challenges.

You will learn about Jamf Marketplace awareness and beauty to integrate thirdparty jamf marketplace tools with Jamf.

You will learn about Best Practises and many more. 

Hope it will help you!! Good Luck and for sure you will love JNUC.

Sagar Rastogi

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each year the information gets more and more detailed. go thru the agenda and read the notes, several times. schedule your sessions on what you feel is important, and take notes! 

Agreed 100%

Sagar Rastogi

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Great suggestions, @danlaw777 ! This will be my first JNUC and I'm looking forward to gaining all sorts of tips and tricks from seasoned vets.

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I remember the my first JNUC which I believe was in 2015 and walking into the Gutherie and seeing everyone. I was overwhelmed with the welcoming from everyone and it felt like I knew everyone for a long time. Everyone was so nice and willing to help no matter what your issues was. I can only say the JNUC has gotten better and better even the WiFi!