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CardDav-Account via jamf Now

Hi dear jamf community,as none of the documentation of jamf or discussion here at jamf nation gave answer to my question, I'd like to ask you personally: Is there any way or possibility to set up a carddav account remotely via jamf Now? No Google acc...  View more

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Wifi on ios Devices

Hello, we have set up a few dozen iphones to be used as devices for an engineer ticketing program, basic restrictions have been configured to just allow that app along with settings restrictions so no one tinkers with items that they should not. devi...  View more

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Removing or hiding built-in/default apps JamfNOW

Hi guys, I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me delete or hide the default/built-in apps off my iPads using JamfNOW? I've seen a few posts using Jamf PRO but i can't see equivalent measures in JamfNOW. Would downloading them through ABM the...  View more

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Increasing Screen Lock time

I have 90 iPads that were set to 2 minutes for MAXIMUM AUTO-LOCK. We need to have this set to 5 minutes. When i adjust it up, it allows the user to select. However I want it to force the change. These iPads are in Single App mode, so users cannot get...  View more

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Jamf Now install certificate to IOS devices

Is there any method to push an SSL certificate from Jamf NOW to ios devices?We need that to use ZScaler app for web and packet filtering for IOS-based devices.https://help.zscaler.com/z-app/what-zscaler-app  View more

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iMessage usage on managed devices require appleid?

Okay, new user here. my question is once I setup a DEP device and apply a blueprint everything sets up perfectly. However the user cant use iMessage without and appleid. So what is the normal response to this? have the user make a new one? use their ...  View more

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