Benefits Jamf Connect Passthrough Authentication

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Fairly new to Jamf Connect, but can someone explain in real life scenario's what the benefits are by using Passthrough Authentication with Jamf Connect?

I'm reading the product documentation, but it won't land...


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The most obvious one: Passthrough takes the password entered in the web view(i.e. the initial login) and passes it through to the OS.

Without passthrough a login using Connect involves first auth-ing using your selected IdP followed by a separate step where you enter a local password. In this instance only the username is passed to the OS. If the two passwords do not match then the Verify/Menubar application may attempt to change the local password to match the IdP password.

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It basically improves the user experience. The workflow was really annoying before this feature was released. The user would have to complete FV2 login> Complete an MFA Challenge> Enter the password one more time. Entering the password three times is crazy. With passthrough, they simply have to complete FV2 and MFA authentication. Azure / ADFS user here.