Jamf connect not working correct?

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I'm currently testing out a Jamf Now (Fundamentals) deployment for a couple of Macs we have. I haven't used Jamf before so not too sure how Jamf connect should work, but have a feeling mines not correct.

I have setup the setting "Enable password sync with Jamf Connect" and done the setup in Azure for it. When a user first logs on it asks to type in both password (microsoft & then local password) so it could sync.

Then we changed the password in Microsoft to see if it worked but on the macbook we have to login with the old local password and then in Jamf connect enter the email and the new microsoft password and it says they are out of sync and input the local password.

I assume this should be a bit easier as its not exactly syncing the passwords currently?


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Password only syncs after you log back into Jamf Connect after the password change.  From what you describe its working as intended.