Can't use 802.1x Jamf Connect Login Page - MacOS

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Clicking on an 802.1x EAP-TLS network in the Network Selection pane of the Jamf Connect login window prompts an end user for their username and password then blocks them from joining the network.

This has been a known issue since 2.11.0--- because of this we can't use wifi connection using SCEP or AD creds at the login page (confirmed by Jamf Support).

We currently use mac address whitelisting (with Clearpass) as an interim, thinking this would be resolved soon, but after doing some research and seeing how many versions this known issue has been a part of--idk if Jamf has any plans to fix this in the near future.

Has anyone used another method of authentication for wireless besides regular PSK or mac address whitelisting that has worked with Jamf Connect at the login page?


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We use an 802.1x EAP-TLS certificate with the ADCS connector for the machine certificate wifi authentication.

While we also see this issue with the username and password popup on the jamf connect login window if the user manually selects the wifi. We have a workaround for the Known Issue ... 

If the user restarts their mac, the network will be auto-selected and we inform the user that they shouldn't touch it. 
Is this ideal... no it's annoying as hell, but can we live with it for now. unfortunately yes we can